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8 France 661,964.3801.107 %
9 Poland 496,890.8340.831 %
10 Czech Republic 267,834.2110.448 %

The iThena distributed project concerns experimental mapping of network structures included in the Internet. The project is in closed beta phase. Currently, the only application available in the project (iThena CNode) performs a sequence of traceroute procedures from client computers. The resulting data is sent back to the server and submitted to the main database, where it can be further analyzed.

Currently the main supported and recommended platform is x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, windows_intelx86 and windows_x86_64. After joining the project, accept the download of test/beta applications in the settings (all currently applications is in a Beta stage). This can be changed by checking the appropriate box 'Run test applications?' in 'iThena preferences' in your profile after logging in.

Network structure mapping summaries will be available online.

Two applications are currently active: iThena CNode and iThena PERF.
The iThena CNode application tests delays, possible losses and routing of network packets.
The iThena PERF application mainly tests bandwidth to defined endpoints.

Simple data visualisation: https://vi.ithena.net.

iThena page on Everipedia: https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/ithena.

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iThena PERF: Automatic task generator was launched
Yesterday (Friday, 23 October 2020) in the evening hours, the iThena PERF automatic task generator was launched. New tasks in iThena are available :)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iThenaProject/status/1320065938612420608/
24 Oct 2020, 18:19:07 UTC · Discuss

New Badges: iThena CNode and iThena PERF - credits points requirements

Referring to the news item I would like to start a discussion on the credits points requirements for certain badge.

The topic on the forum announcing badge: https://root.ithena.net/usr/forum_thread.php?id=83

Preliminary proposal concerning the category "total credit" for individual applications:

iThena CNode Badge:

Badge		TotalC	2Power
Bronze		8192	13
Silver		16384	14
Gold		32768	15
Amethyst	65536	16
Ruby		131072	17
Turquoise	262144	18
Jade		524288	19
Sapphire	1048576	20
Emerald		2097152	21
Diamond		4194304	22

iThena PERF Badge:

Badge		TotalC		2Power
Bronze		32768		15
Silver		65536		16
Gold		131072		17
Amethyst	262144		18
Ruby		524288		19
Turquoise	1048576		20
Jade		2097152		21
Sapphire	4194304		22
Emerald		8388608		23
Diamond		16777216	24

The credits thresholds may seem quite high.

However, this is only my suggestion.

These applications will also have long support.

PS. At the moment I have small problems with storage, but the PERF application will also be normally available.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iThenaProject/status/1312827807412744193
4 Oct 2020, 18:46:55 UTC · Discuss

Article in the magazine "Forum Akademickie" No. 5/2020: "Globalna sieć komputerowa przed i po pandemii" (only in Polish language)

In the magazine "Forum Akademickie" (https://forumakademickie.pl) No. 5/2020 an article "Globalna sieć komputerowa przed i po pandemii" (title translation: "Global computer network before and after the pandemic") was published.

The article content is available only in Polish.
The article is currently available online for free.

Link to the magazine website (No. 5/2020):

Official link:
PDF document clone:

- pages: 59 - 61 in paper numeration.
- pages: 61 - 63 in PDF file numeration.

Link to the version with content on the webpage (official):

The article belongs to the category of popular science materials.
The article also refers to the iThena project initiative.

We invite everyone to read it!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iThenaProject/status/1309059387479257094
24 Sep 2020, 9:10:51 UTC · Discuss

17 September 2020 at 20:00 CET - planned maintenance in iThena platform.

Tomorrow (17 September 2020) at 20:00 CET - planned maintenance in iThena platform.

Tweet: https://twitter.com/iThenaProject/status/1306302156199391232/
16 Sep 2020, 19:10:54 UTC · Discuss

New Badges: iThena CNode and iThena PERF

Below I present new official badge for iThena CNode and iThena PERF applications.

The old "beta" badge will obviously not be removed.

The credit score requirements for the next badges will be determined in the next days.

Badges were developed by user: DoctorNow

CNode Badges:

iThena CNode Bronze Badge:

iThena CNode Silver Badge:

iThena CNode Gold Badge:

iThena CNode Amethyst Badge:

iThena CNode Ruby Badge:

iThena CNode Turquoise Badge:

iThena CNode Jade Badge:

iThena CNode Sapphire Badge:

iThena CNode Emerald Badge:

iThena CNode Diamond Badge:

PERF Badges:

iThena PERF Bronze Badge:

iThena PERF Silver Badge:

iThena PERF Gold Badge:

iThena PERF Amethyst Badge:

iThena PERF Ruby Badge:

iThena PERF Turquoise Badge:

iThena PERF Jade Badge:

iThena PERF Sapphire Badge:

iThena PERF Emerald Badge:

iThena PERF Diamond Badge:

ZIP Archive: https://img.ithena.net/badges/i_badges_cn_pe.zip
9 Sep 2020, 13:36:42 UTC · Discuss

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