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The iThena distributed project concerns experimental mapping of network structures included in the Internet. The project is in closed beta phase. Currently, the only application available in the project (iThena CNode) performs a sequence of traceroute procedures from client computers. The resulting data is sent back to the server and submitted to the main database, where it can be further analyzed.

Currently the main supported and recommended platform is x86_64-pc-linux-gnu. After joining the project, accept the download of test/beta applications in the settings (iThena CNode is a Beta application). This can be changed by checking the appropriate box 'Run test applications?' in 'iThena preferences' in your profile after logging in.

Network structure mapping summaries will be available online.

Simple data visualisation: http://root.ithena.net:8080.

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Project availability interruption
I'm planning a break in project availability.
The break may last several hours.

The break will be caused by a change in virtualization technology on one of the servers - migration from VirtualBOX to VMware ESXi.

I will probably try to migrate tomorrow (29.03.2020).

I will inform about the changes.

PS. In case of other problems, maybe they concern the forum thread?
28 Mar 2020, 21:54:31 UTC · Discuss

Network situation related to the general state of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
Today I introduced a new iThena PERF application for Windows platforms (the application works on both 32 and 64-bit systems).

Next tasks will be iThena PERF will generate real credits for users.

However, the iThena CNode application is also very important for this moment.

The iThena PERF application tests mainly the overall performance (bandwidth of client/server performance nodes) of the Internet network. The software base here is iperf3 open app.

iThena CNode is much more focused on mapping the Internet network including delays (hops). The software base here is traceroute solutions.

Due to the general situation related to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, deviations in Internet network structures are very interesting. For this reason I strongly encourage you to participate in the project.

Measurements can also be interesting in the sense of crisis management of network infrastructure and increased use of network resources related to the situation.

In the coming days I also plan to better solve the "age-old problem of small loans".
20 Mar 2020, 20:36:13 UTC · Discuss

iThena PERF and Windows platform - first version
I added iThena PERF (ithena_iperf) application for testing.

This application uses BOINC wrapper and is based on iperf3.



iThena PERF uses the computer network (internet) quite intensively.
The application can use a lot of data transfer to the Internet.
An Internet connection is required.

The iThena PERF application is available for the Windows platform.

Please perform the tests and send me the information ;)
20 Mar 2020, 8:24:58 UTC · Discuss

Current situation in the world: Networks

Due to the current situation in the world I have a request to BOINC users.

Due to the problem of network systems usage (currently occurring overload) I would like more people to run iThena CNode application.

I plan to add a new application for Windows (32 and 64-bit). However, it will be a bit different type of application.

However, the results from iThena CNode application are very interesting for me.

iThena CNode does not use the computer network very critically.

Many thanks for your help!
18 Mar 2020, 20:01:26 UTC · Discuss

New application, new possibilities, new problems ;)
I will soon be implementing a new application ;)
The application will be called iThena NRT.

The credit problem will be solved.

The tasks for iThena CNode will be phased out.

However, there are many problems.
Initially, iThena NRT will be available as a virtualised environment (VBox/Vmware). You will be able to start a virtual system.

Of course it will also be possible to run it locally.

In addition, the iThena NRT application will require a permanent connection to the Internet.
8 Feb 2020, 15:36:58 UTC · Discuss

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