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Which Apps Should A Professional Mobile App Developer Be Conversant With?

Which Apps Should A Professional Mobile App Developer Be Conversant With?

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As a new-age business owner, you are probably already aware of the utility of handy mobile apps for your business. Accordingly, you might be looking to hire an expert, professional mobile app developer and handler. However, are you really aware of the <span id="more-2523"></span>apps that such a developer should be conversant with?


If not, read on and find out the apps that a developer simply must know about, to be able to contribute to the success of your business:

• OmniFocus – If your business is all about scheduling meetings with peers at different places and keeping up with challenging deadlines, make sure that the developer has thorough knowledge of the OmniFocus mobile app. It offers significant additional advantages over the conventional task managers, and helps to keep projects, operations and deadlines streamlined.

• Google Drive – It is hardly possible to tag your PC or laptop along everywhere. Do not, however, let that stand in the way of your business operations. Hire a mobile app developer who can handle the Google Drive app. It helps in seamlessly transferring important documents from your computer to your advanced mobile handset – with minimal chances of file damages. Accessibility issues – what’s that?

• FLickR – Your business, in all likelihood, already has a Flicker photostream online. Why not bring the same photo-sharing functionality to your smartphone too? Apart from uploading images easily, the mobile FLickR app comes with smart image-filtering attributes too. Ask the developer whether (s)he is comfortable with managing this high-utility business app.

• iTerminal – Need to receive funds, while on the move? Simply use the sophisticated iTerminal app, and make all such payment procedures efficient and fast. You can process credit card details from anywhere you might be at any time, thanks to the features of this paid mobile app.

• Remember The Milk – Primarily designed as an Android app, Remember The Milk is easily one of the smartest mobile task managers around. Look for an application developer who is familiar with the intricacies of this app. Remember The Milk, when used in the correct manner, ensures that your business ‘to-do’ list is regularly updated, so that you do not miss out on any important commitment.

• Blackberry Traffic – Is extensive travel a part of your professional life? Make it a point to hire a developer who can help you install Blackberry Traffic on your smartphone. You will get comprehensive geographical descriptions from this app, making travelling to unknown destinations easy indeed.

• Expensfy – No business can survive in the long-run without keeping a tab on its financial transactions. Now you can monitor all your business expenses, by using the wonderful Expensfy mobile app. You will be able to scan and store a copy of all your clients’ receipts – which can, in turn, be accessed with minimum of fuss. A mobile app developer simply has to be able to familiarize you with this app.

• LocalVox – New to the world of internet marketing? The LocalVox app can help you build a really strong brand presence in the online space. You can also integrate your business with the various social media channels, and websites and blogs related to your business. Publication of vital information related to new product launches and discount offers can also be done with this app.

Apart from the above, a professional mobile app developer should also have complete knowledge about applications like Bump, Uber, Analytics and Layar, to name a few. Before actually hiring a developer, do check his/her referrals from past employers. Proper handling and usage of mobile apps can indeed make your business a whole lot smarter!

Author’s BioKenneth Parkar is a noted mobile website design and app developer. He also regularly writes on the web, on the functionalities of the different mobile apps. Over here, he discusses about a few highly useful mobile apps that a professional developer should be conversant with.

Created 20 Aug 2021
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