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1) Message boards : Number crunching : No tasks sent (Message 1304)
Posted 1 Oct 2021 by Profile Cesium_133*
This solution worked for me. Replaced the old file with the new after the download. Thank you very much-!
2) Message boards : News : Current situation in the world: Networks (Message 324)
Posted 21 Mar 2020 by Profile Cesium_133*
I'm on, Rysiu. Anything I can do in any way to help us battle the Wuhan virus, I'm good with...

Ans with this new thing of yours being non-CPU-intensive, I basically can't lose lol...

I've always liked the idea of understanding computer networking and how it itself works. Fascinating. Patterns can be derived from the info. Was even watching something yesterday about how trends in network usage might be employed to figure out future events.

Thank you for your work... :D
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Windows support (Message 149)
Posted 12 Nov 2019 by Profile Cesium_133*
Ditto Flashfire42's sentiments. I want Windows support. I -would- crunch for you guys... :)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't get any work ? (Message 66)
Posted 3 Oct 2019 by Profile Cesium_133*
No work for me as well. BOINC is querying the project over and over, but I get nothing.

I'm running Windows... is that an issue? Also, is there something I need to download for this project besides just adding it to my portfolio?

Also, I have enabled the running of test projects here in my preferences...

Any help would be appreciated. I do wish to contribute... thanks, Cesium133*...
5) Message boards : News : ARM platforms (Message 53)
Posted 1 Oct 2019 by Profile Cesium_133*
What does that mean, must have wget for all platforms?

Is that some added program, or a device? A line(s) of code?

I just want to crunch :) This is getting complex lol...

Can someone fill me in? Thanks and gracias...
6) Message boards : Science : What Is Our Mission At iThena? (Message 27)
Posted 27 Sep 2019 by Profile Cesium_133*
I can't find much in the way of information as to what the purpose of iThena is.

I joined on the assumption that we would be performing good science here. I still am sure we are :) Just would like to be informed as to the course and intention of our shared scientific journey... :)

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