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Posted 11 May 2020 by [H]auntjemima
Check out the front page news section on WUProp project to understand the implications of Goofyxgrid and it's effect on WUProp as seen by the Admin of that project.

In a nutshell, if you run more Boinc Instances on your computer than the number of cores that machine has and you have a copy of WUProp in each Boinc Instance collecting data and hours, then it will be deemed a form of cheating (from a WUProp point of view) and those hours from those hosts will not be counted.
If you have as many or less Boinc Instances than the number of cores per machine then it should be no trouble.

It has to do with the fact as to what WUProp is actually trying to do, record memory usage, CPU types, Operating systems,etc for each project that runs and then collating that information so people can use it to see what projects are running, what is required to run them or if they can actually run it.

Big nutshell but that is the gist of it.

It is not a problem for me as I could not work out how to run more than one Bonic Instance on a single machine anyway.


Maybe I am misinterpreting something, so I'll ask.

If I am running two instances of boinc on goofy, as an example. Why should both of my instances not count towards my run hours? They are registered on the goofy site as a separate PC AND they are separate tasks. Where is the issue?

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