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1) Message boards : Cafe : Formula BOINC 2024 (Message 2013)
Posted 16 Feb 2024 by UBT - Timbo
Formula BOINC 2024 re-launch

I am acting as admin for the above group and I wanted to let you know that the Formula BOINC website has been updated for the 2024 Season.

And that the Sprint Season will start on 29th February - just about 2 weeks time - so please help publicise Formula BOINC to your team members so that they can take part.

For Teams:
Teams previously registered to take part in these regular BOINC Challenges in previous years have been included for this season and Teams have now been allocated to one of 3 Leagues, depending on their performance in 2023.

If your team is NOT registered already, please ask your team founder to register (via the FB website)

Registered Teams are listed here:

And it would be really good if your team members can take part and support the various BOINC projects throughout the forthcoming year.

As many teams are already registered, members do not have to do anything EXCEPT to make a note of the date and time when the Sprints will be taking place and to ensure that they are crunching tasks from the chosen project.

This information will be displayed on our website here:

For members:
We also have a Members League so that individuals can compete against one another - this is entirely voluntary but it can be rewarding to know how well you are doing when compared to other FB members - even those in the same team.

If any team members have not already registered, then there is a webpage that you can visit and register, which is here:

And finally for all the latest news about Formula BOINC, we would ask members to visit our forum:

I do hope teams and members will support the Challenges and by doing so, this will help the many BOINC projects who need the support of volunteers in order to continue their research.

best regards
UBT - Timbo
Admin for Formula BOINC
2) Questions and Answers : Web site : Lots of "spam" profiles/accounts on this project? (Message 1652)
Posted 20 Oct 2022 by UBT - Timbo

Maybe an admin can look into this, but it seems there are a lot of "spam" accounts that have been created recently...

For instance:

and here:

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Server is out of disk space (Message 725)
Posted 25 Jul 2020 by UBT - Timbo
Same issue here:

25/07/2020 08:51:05 | iThena | [error] Error reported by file upload server: can't write file PERF_TESTS_0D_9653604_2_30_0_r1586974986_0: No space left on server
4) Message boards : Number crunching : iThena PERF v1.02 windows intelx86 Tasks that run FOREVER / until abort them. (Message 533)
Posted 15 May 2020 by UBT - Timbo
I will add a new version of the application when the current iThena PERF tasks are finished.
When there are no tasks available to send (currently ~20k).
PERF application for Linux and Windows.

Hi Rysiu

Thanks for sorting this out.

I have also had some endless tasks on Windows and I have aborted.

But surely if people are aborting these tasks, will they just go into the RESEND queue?

Wouldn't it be better to just kill ALL the current Windows tasks - get the server to cancel them on members PCs and then either compile a new app, which will replsce the existing one, or just re-create new tasks that WILL run on Windows PCs correctly?

Otherwise, we are wasting a lot of time and some energy for nothing...and while aborted tasks keep going back to the resend queue, it will never stop?


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