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1) Message boards : Number crunching : pending wu´s (Message 1155)
Posted 9 May 2021 by Profile Dingo
I have 48 pending tasks from 2020. How about validating them.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Beta badge not shown (Message 1016)
Posted 23 Jan 2021 by Profile Dingo
Send your new badges etc to to add them to the ones you already have there so they will show in our signatures.
3) Message boards : News : iThena PERF and Windows platform - first version (Message 339)
Posted 21 Mar 2020 by Profile Dingo
I have over 800 returned with zero credit. I thought the last work on Linux was bad but getting zero for work you process is not what I expected.

I hope you are going to fix this so that all the Valid zero credit tasks get credit or you will lose a lot of users I am sure.
4) Questions and Answers : Web site : Error when updating preferences. (Message 286)
Posted 11 Feb 2020 by Profile Dingo
When I tried to update the following fields as selected:

General terms-of-use for this BOINC project. ---
Do you consent to exporting your data to BOINC statistics aggregation Web sites? ---

I got this error and the fields were not updated.

Your preferences have been updated, and will take effect when your computer communicates with iThena or you issue the Update command from the BOINC Manager.

Database Error
Database Error
5) Message boards : News : New application, new possibilities, new problems ;) (Message 279)
Posted 10 Feb 2020 by Profile Dingo
Look forward to the NON Virtual version and a change to the credit system.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : No credit? (Message 167)
Posted 20 Nov 2019 by Profile Dingo
@Rysiu - I think that some sort of credit is expected for processing tasks, be it Beta or not. We the users are using our resources like electricity which in Australia is very expensive ( $0.27 KWh) as well as our computers. A work unit that runs for 2000 seconds should get about somewhere between 10 and 20 credits I believe based on other NCI projects.

It is the credits/Badges/Teams that create the challenges between these entities that make distributed computing interesting apart from the science.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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