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How a Concept Makes It Possible to Come to Certain Conclusions in Advance


The introduction with its relevance, goals and objectives, as well as the conclusion, are the most problematic parts of scientific work. Largely due to the fact that researchers often come to write a dissertation without having a solid and intelligible understanding of why they write the text and what they do in general. 


The concept of a PhD dissertation allows you to close these gaps in advance, even before starting work on the text. Since in the process of preparation the author has a clear understanding of what and why he writes. What is the purpose of his research and what results does he achieve in the end, what conclusions can he draw?


Thanks to the concept, you can seriously speed up the work


After preparing the concept of a Ph.D. thesis, editing it and putting it in order, the author does not have any questions regarding the goals, objectives, conclusions, relevance and other points. In addition, on the basis of the document, you can draw up a competent plan, outline the nature of the narrative and then follow the created line without unnecessary difficulties and delays.


The concept of a Ph.D. thesis acts as a kind of navigator that helps to pave the only true and most logical, shortest path to solving the issue, revealing the research topic.


The concept avoids mistakes


The concept makes it possible to look at the material as a whole. Thanks to a brief summary of future work, the author will definitely not deviate from the developed course, direction. This means that errors like illogicalities, water and others will be practically excluded. The concept, despite its small volume and seemingly formal nature, is a very important element of future scientific work, which saves a lot of time, effort and nerves already at the stage of work preparation.


As a rule, in a candidate's dissertation, the author describes 5-6 theses, which he submits for defense. When preparing the concept, they must be reflected. Experienced specialists recommend that for the competent formulation of provisions, contact their supervisor, employees of the department, who, based on their professional experience, will help develop the correct provisions and avoid mistakes.


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