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Posted 26 Dec 2019 by Profile Coleslaw
I have unfortunately had nothing but network issues for a couple months and have found running this project even with just the single work unit wasn't agreeing with my already dying router. I'm hoping to resolve this soon but not sure if my modem likes it either. Will have to test more once I have a Linux box up again. My last one just lost its HDD.
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Posted 23 Nov 2019 by Profile Coleslaw
looking like good ideas
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Posted 5 Oct 2019 by Profile Coleslaw
It may be world's easier for the project to do, but they will also get world's LESS users running those applications. Many still have a lot of trouble getting the Vbox apps working at the current projects as is. You can see their contributors to be much smaller than other projects and a lot more grumbling. I agree something is better than nothing, but that also tends to cause admins to stop working on better solutions to attract users. It is better to spend the time to appeal to the masses for long term adoption than to rush things out to cater to the impatient. This holds true to even many of the "technical crowd".
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Posted 3 Oct 2019 by Profile Coleslaw
I used to email back and forth with Ido Blutman who was one of the programmers but he stopped replying around 2014 and I think my last attempt to contact him was 2015. However, I would have to look through maybe another email account at work to see my last response from someone involved that explained them moving on. If you are interested in picking any of their brains of course. I think their client required Java. Not sure what yours requires. However, I don't recall their app wreaking havoc on the network and I ran over a hundred clients for them.

Edit: Looking through my installation backups, I actually still have a copy of their older agent (client) for Windows. IIRC it worked much better than their last

For some screenshots, we had a few how-to's for setting up the client.
Windows -
Ubuntu - (no longer has pics)
5) Message boards : Science : What Is Our Mission At iThena? (Message 61)
Posted 2 Oct 2019 by Profile Coleslaw
Any idea how this was different than Last I consulted the admin of that project, they had stopped with the research and moved it to a private company. IIRC

Netdimes was an NCI application that had its own client and was not a BOINC project.

My other thought was surveil@home but it had a different agenda -

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