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Posted 14 Nov 2021 by marsinph
I tried logging in, but it said my email was already registered. I thought maybe you copied the database so I tried logging in but actually that didn't work as well. There is no option to reset the password, so what do I do?
I have not registered for this project and if I did I would use my BAM password obviously... <_<

I have the same problem with BAM
I tryed to add manually on a other host and it works ! (of course same login/pwd)
2) Message boards : News : [October 30, 2021] Changing entries in the DNS zone - possible DNS propagation problems (Message 1359)
Posted 31 Oct 2021 by marsinph
On October 30, 2021, we changed the entries in the DNS zone for the subdomain.

Previously subdomain pointed to IPv4 address:

Currently subdomain points to IPv4 address:

This change may be noticed on some systems with a longer delay.
Please let us know if you have problems accessing the website.


Hello, thank you for information. But it will nothing change for client.
A few hours waiting replication of DNS server and it is solved.

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