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Terms of Use

Security note: The iThena.Measurements application uses a computer network. Particular attention should be paid to possible costs for data transfer. Care is also required when running replicas of the iThena applications (many machines, virtualization technologies and others), whose redundancy can lead to network difficulties or even damage. The Cyber-Complex Foundation Team is not responsible for inappropriate use of the application. If in doubt, contact the Cyber-Complex Foundation Team. Software used in the right way does not pose a threat to computer systems.

iThena.Measurements as one application uses the OONI Probe engine developed by the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI).

OONI Probe ( is one of the applications run on the iThena platform, which comes with a set of potential risks:

  • Anyone monitoring your internet activity (e.g. ISP, government, employer) will be able to see that you are running OONI Probe.

  • OONI's Web Connectivity test connects to and downloads data from a broad range of sites, including provocative or objectionable sites (e.g. pornography), which might be illegal in some countries.

  • By default, all network measurement data collected by OONI Probe is published to increase transparency of internet censorship, foster public debate, and support research. However, sending local network information to foreign servers might not be viewed favorably by some governments. While the data published is restricted to what is necessary to identify cases of censorship (and we do our best to not publish IP addresses), motivated ISPs might attempt to identify OONI Probe users through public OONI data.

To learn more about potential risks associated with running OONI Probe, see:

To learn about OONI's data practices, please read their Data Policy:

The Privacy Policy with the Terms of Use is currently available only in Polish language in the PDF document.
Date of current version of the document: November 11, 2021.

Consent for the processing of common personal data by iThena System Administrator in the PDF document.
Date of current version of the document: September 4, 2021.

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